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Registration & Fee Info

Dauphin Minor Hockey Association will begin registration for the 2018/2019 hockey season Tuesday, June 19th, 2018.  We encourage everyone to sign up as quickly as possible to participate in the Player Development Program beginning in September.

At least one parent or guardian must complete Respect in Sport per hockey player by November 1.  To begin Respect in Sport, click here.

There are Financial Assistance Programs available under the "Parents" tab.  Check out the links to see if you qualify for these programs.

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Dauphin Kings Development Camps

The Board of the Dauphin Minor Hockey Association is pleased to announce that we will be changing our summer hockey camp to the inaugural Dauphin Kings Hockey Camp.  This will be run in conjunction with the Dauphin Kings MJHL team and its staff and players.  We are happy to have Coach Doug Hedley join us to run the inaugural camp.

We know that some may be wondering why the plan has changed from running the Rink Hockey Association camp as previously planned.  As we entered the second summer with the Rink camp offered there was inadequate registration to justify the increased cost of running a camp brought in from out of the area.  The Board of DMHA did not feel that it was justified to support the camp with money raised from its members and sponsors. 

Moving forward with a camp in partnership with our local junior hockey team, we feel that we can sustain a model that will offer local summer development for interested players for years to come.  We anticipate a high-quality hockey camp with on-ice instruction, dryland training, specific goaltender instruction, and a jersey for each child registered. 

A full refund will be offered to those who have registered and wish to withdraw their registration.  A refund of the difference in costs between the two camps will be offered to those who choose to keep their child registered for the Dauphin Kings Hockey Camp.  Full details, including the cost, will be available in the very near future

We hope you’ll join us for the inaugural Dauphin Kings Hockey Camp!


DMHA Policies & Procedures

The revised Policies & Procedures for DMHA are now available for review by the members prior to the Annual General Meeting. Please note that changes to the Constitution and Bylaws require a vote by the members attending the AGM. Additions are highlighted in yellow and phrases to be omitted are highlighted in red. Any questions or concerns regarding the Policies & Procedures can be brought forward at the AGM.

DMHA Policies & Procedures
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